Best Garage Door Security Measures: 10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Best Garage Door Security Measures: 10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

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Have you thought about reading asec garage door bolts review? Keeping your home safe is essential and the garage is very much a part of the home, just as much as the main building. Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners neglect their properties as they don’t secure their garage properly. Few consider security door locks or bolts, and yet, they’re really important.

An asec garage door is popular and locks for garage doors should be a top priority for your home. Buying new locks or bolts is easy to do, but you may want to read a verified purchase review to find out more before committing to any.

So, how safe is your garage door? How to keep your home safe?

Conduct a Regular Maintenance Check

How often do you inspect your property? Is it a once a month or once a year chore? While you dislike the idea of inspecting your property, it’s an important thing to do. You can expose weak and potential access points for burglars and prowlers. If there are any issues about the security of the garage, you could find the best garage lock and install it. Hopefully, it’ll clear up any concerns you have over the safety of the property. Also, it might deter future prowlers.

Use a Monitor Security System

CCTV can often deter burglars. If a burglar sees a security camera dotted around the property, including the garage, it might make them think twice before breaking in. Far too many homeowners don’t think about these systems but are very useful at protecting the home.

Locked the Garage at All Times

Remember, burglars are opportunistic and an open door (or unlocked garage) can be tempting for them. You should never leave the garage unlocked or opened, even when you’re home. Also, use safety bolts to add an extra layer of protection.

Block the View from the Window

Passing burglars can be tempted by what they see. If they pass your garage window and see a host of valuable tools, goods, and a pricey vehicle, they might break in. Instead, use blinds or curtains to shield the view from outside. If you wanted to go one step further, frosted glass covers or stickers could be used on your asec garage windows.

Protect Your Emergency Release Switch

An asec garage should have a garage door bolt on at all times, even when you’re in the home. Asec garage door bolt locks are fantastic at keeping the property secured at all times. However, you also have a release switch in the garage which can be accessed by burglars, so you need to protect that too. The garage shield could be used to prevent anyone from gaining access to the garage. Security garage door bolts can be used alongside the switch shield.

Secure All Doors and Entranceways

An asec garage door bolt lock can be an important feature of any asec garage and may even be a deterrent for burglars. However, some may still try to gain entry and as a result, you may want to upgrade your doors, even your side doors. You can install new doors along with security garage door bolts too. Adding a garage door bolt can be a cost-effective safety measure for your property.

Always Have Your Key with You

No matter where you go, you should always carry your keys. It doesn’t matter if you have a secure garage door bolt lock or otherwise. Asec garages can be safe as long as the bolts are installed properly. However, if you’re out and about, don’t leave the key in your car. Even, at home, keep them in a safe place. It really doesn’t make a difference how many high security door bolts you have, if the keys are readily available, all security measures go out the window.

Install New Locks and an Exterior Motion Sensor Light

Adding a new lock to the interior of the garage can be crucial. New locks could be added to windows, side doors leading into the main home, and the cart port doors too. A new door lock can be a smart way to protect the home and asec garage door locks are a cost-effective measure as well. However, you could add an exterior motion sensor light to the property. It may help deter a burglar. You could read an asec locks review or two to find the best.

Have Separate Keys for the Home and Garage

A lot of people use the same key for their front door and their side door leading into the garage. It’s a great idea, especially for those who carry lots of keys around. However, it’s not always the best practice when it comes to safety. You should have one key for your home and a second key for the garage.

For example, if you were to lose your keys, you’d have to install new locks throughout the property. It’s expensive but necessary. However, if you were to just lose one key – say the front door key – you’d only have to replace one set of keys, not two. It’s something worth considering.

Use a Timer

Timers are useful. They will automatically lock and unlock the garage doors at specified times. For example, you leave at 7.50 am every morning. You set the timer for 8 am and leave at your usual time. However, you’ve left your keys behind and forgot to lock the garage door. You don’t notice this until 3 in the afternoon; fortunately, no-one could’ve gained entry because of the automatic timer. It then unlocks the garage door at 5.50 pm and you arrive home five minutes later.

Keys and locks are easily forgotten, but with a timer, that’s no longer a problem. You can use garage door security bolts to ensure your security while away from the home too. A garage door bolt can be very useful along with an automatic timer.

How Do You Fit A Bolt On A Garage Door Lock?

Asec garage door bolts are an important part of your home’s security. Remember, that’s a potential way into the home and it’s essential to secure it properly. An asec garage looks good and can provide sufficient safety for you and your home. Installing a new asec garage door bolt is incredibly easy to do and shouldn’t take much time either. So, how to fit the garage door bolt?

Start by marking the area where the asec lock will be installed. You’ll be drilling into the door frame to install the lock, so ensure you have the right drill bits at your side and mark the area well. However, you need to ensure there’s enough space for the deadbolt. A lot of people don’t think about this when using a bolt on the asec garage door.

Instead of guessing, measure out and ensure there’s enough room for the bolt to be attached to the asec garage door. Once that’s done, use the screws to attach and secure the lock in its place. You’ll then need to test the lock to ensure it fits well. The padlock can be attached too and the asec garage door can be secured and that’s that.

How to Fit an Asec Garage Defender?

This will, of course, go over your asec garage release button, but you need to decide where exactly it’ll be placed. Once you’ve decided, attach the flat base and secure it with bolts. The defender shield goes over the top and slips into place. The defender is then ready to use.

Fitting an extra lock on the garage can be smart whether you’re using it to store your vehicle, as a play area for the children, or just using it as an extra room to play video games. Keeping your property under lock and key is, unfortunately, necessary in this world. However, it’s easy to do than you think.

Are Asec Garage Door Defenders Good To Use?

Remember, burglars don’t have keys to your home. They don’t have access to your keys; your key isn’t going to be used to gain entry into your property (unless a burglar stumbles across one or has access to a key). So, they have to find other means of accessing your property. You have an asec garage door and that means your security is fairly decent.

However, while your keys are tucked away and the garage has a strong lock on it, it doesn’t guarantee to keep people out. The trouble is that garages are easy entry points and no matter how many strong locks you have in place or how well your keys are hidden, it mightn’t be enough. Remember, burglars try an old technique to break the lock and gain entry through the carport. To prevent this, it’s essential to put an extra security measure in place – an asec garage door defender.

It’s a strong door lock that adds more security to the property.

Unlocking Locked Up and Over Garage Doors

It’s hard to answer this without informing potential burglars how to gain access to a property. An up and over garage door lock is pretty strong and requires a key to open. These are easy to fit and installation takes very little time. Opening the asec garage door can be done within a few steps; however, if you have lost your key or the door is stuck, it might be best to call a professional to help unlock the door.

Tips To Improve Garage Safety

Garage doors are sturdy and strong, but things can and will go wrong. Improving the safety of your garage door is a lot easier to do than you think. With these tips, they might allow you to improve safety in and around your garage.

  • Do A Walkthrough Every Month

Garage bolts need to be inspected. If the garage door bolts aren’t up to scratch, they need to be replaced. If you don’t replace the garage door bolt, you’re saying, ‘please enter my home’; Okay, so that’s a bit strong, but it’s an open inviting to waiting burglars. You have to ensure your asec garage locks and bolts meet the necessary safety standards.

A simple walk through each month will enable you to take a closer look at the garage doors and ensure they’re in the best shape possible. Any issues with the garage door bolt, the wood construction, or ground sleeve, can be found and corrected immediately.

  • Choose The Best Locks And Door Bolts

Choosing the right door lock is essential. Enfield locks are vastly popular and are easy to fit; they could be one to consider. You might even want to read some verified purchase reviews to see what others say about them before you buy them. It’s the same with door bolts; the right ones need to be purchased and you could read verified purchase reviews to find the best locks and bolts.

Problems can arise with wood construction and need replacing every so often; it’s the same with the ground sleeve. If they are damaged, they should be upgraded as and when is needed.

  • Ensure The Garage Door Bolt Is Secure

More often than not, the asec garage door lock will last a considerable number of years, but, not always. Remember, there are a hundred and one things that can go wrong, especially with Mother Nature. Door bolts could become damaged and if a garage door bolt has become damaged, they need to be replaced immediately.

However, door bolts are easy to replace. Once the garage door bolts are replaced, the asec garage door can be sturdy and strong again.

  • Replace The Garage Door When Broken Or Damaged

When the asec garage door is damaged, it must be replaced. However, repairing a broken asec garage door isn’t always easy to do or smart. The repairs might not be sufficient enough to secure the garage door again, so it’s better to replace it. It’s the same with coach bolts; when they’re damaged, it’s best to be replaced rather than repair them. Coach bolts are like doors; they’re strong, but when they’re damaged, they need to be replaced.

  • Maintain The Security of your Garage

Doors and windows are easy entry points for burglars and unwanted guests. Installing new windows is easy to fit and enhance the security of the home too. It’s essential to look at using key locks for new windows and doors to keep them secure. Also, install newer or better locks on the interior and exterior garage doors. Installing windows with a key lock can be really useful at improving the security of the garage, somewhat. It’s worth investing in key lock windows.

However, upgrading your asec garage might be extremely useful. If the door lock isn’t up to scratch, install a new lock. It’s easy to fit new locks on garage doors, even windows (with a bit of know-how) and can help enhance your garage security. Remember, you don’t want to say, ‘open for business, please enter my garage’, you want to show potential burglars your home and garage is off-limits. If your garage doors aren’t safe, your home’s at risk.

If you’re not sure which lock to choose from, read a verified purchase review to find the best door lock.

Protect Your Home

There are a number of ways for an unwanted guest to enter your home. For the most part, your home is safe; but, there are things that could be done to improve the overall security of it. For instance, installing new bolts and key lock windows can really help, along with upgrading old exterior doors, including garage door locks. Look at ways to secure your home and keep your family safe.

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