Wise Benefits of Installing a Door Stopper

Wise Benefits of Installing a Door Stopper

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Buying the best door stopper is important for any household, but what is a door stopper? Door stoppers are small devices that will slow, stop, or limit a door’s movements. For instance, a stopper can prevent the door from hitting against the wall and bouncing back or closing again. It can also keep the door ajar to your specific requirements. The aim is to stop damage to the skirting or trim boards and can be used on most doors, even cabinet doors. Modern door stops offer an automatic mechanism for hands-free use.

Door Stoppers Are Versatile For Any Door within Your Home

There is a huge variety of door stoppers available, including the traditional round rod rubber tips. These can be placed on skirting boards, walls, or trims to prevent the door from damaging the wall or skirting boards. You easily attach these door stoppers with a screw and are very inexpensive devices too. Most are discreetly hidden behind the doors and even when the door is closed it can blend in with the skirting board.

Then, there are also modern magnetic tabs which are attached to the inside of a cabinet door, preventing it from swinging back open. Invisible hinges and built-in stoppers are also popular designs. Rail and sliding bracket stoppers are ideal for screen doors and there are many more options available too. You will find there’s a door stopper for almost any door within the home. What’s more, they’re versatile and affordable.

elements Bull Door Stopper,
elements Bull Door Stopper,

Save Your Walls and Doors

You’re in a hurry – or a bad mood – and you accidentally open the front door a bit forcefully. Not a big deal but it can quickly cause the walls behind the door a lot of damage. Ever walked into your bedroom and slammed it shut, only for it to rebound against the frame and hit the wall again? It happens more often than you think but it can leave scuff marks and holes in the walls. Doorknobs, especially, can knock against the wall and create a dent. It can be expensive to repair, but an easier way to protect and save your walls would be to use a door stopper.

You can line the stopper up so that the doorknob or handle hits the stopper rather than the wall. The door is protected and the wall isn’t left with dents or scuff marks. A simple rubber-tipped stopper can be attached to the wall to stop any further damage from occurring. You could also use a magnetic stopper and this is particularly useful if you need to keep the door open while bringing in an armful of shopping.

Prevent Injuries and Accidents

Doors pose a serious risk for pets safety, children, and clumsy adults health. Let’s say you leave the kitchen door ajar. It’s windy outside and a sudden gust comes along and shuts the door just as a child has their fingers in the door jamb. It’s a very painful and nasty injury. It’s bad enough when an adult does it but when a young child does it, it’s awful. Fortunately, a door stopper may enable your household to avoid these nasty accidents and injuries from occurring.

If you don’t have a child, think about your pet. Puppies and kittens are adventurous; they sneak behind you, being playful and unbeknown to you, are hurt. For instance, your dog could get hurt by an opening or closing door. With a door stopper, you can avoid an injury to your beloved pet. Door stoppers are useful and there are many different ones to choose from to keep your pet safe. You need to choose the right dog food, but you also need to play with them and give them a lot of love. However, dogs also need security at home. You need to invest wisely in door stoppers to prevent your pet from being injured.

Top Tips When Buying a Stopper

Selecting a new door stopper can be easier than you think and here are a few top tips to consider.

  • A Temporary Or Permanent Door Stop

Temporary stoppers are ideal if the problem isn’t going to be around for the long-term. For instance, if you’re installing new cabinet doors, a temporary stopper may work best. However, permanent stoppers are more suited for front and back doors, along with other main or problematic areas within the home. There are also door wedges or stoppers that can be placed underneath the door frame to keep the door at an angle. This is useful for the long-term, even though it’s not attached to the door.

  • The Type of Flooring You Have

Door wedges are useful if you need a temporary or semi-permanent door stopper but these do not always work with all flooring. For instance, if you have tiles or slippery flooring then the wedge mightn’t be able to get sufficient traction to remain in place. Carpeting may work better with this type of stopper. Again, the right type of door stopper comes down to the flooring you have. Sometimes, magnetic stoppers are slightly better for front doors if you need to keep them open for prolonged periods. Rubber door stops are also useful as they can be attached to the floor.

Double Up Stoppers as Holders

Door stoppers can work as door holders and these are cost-effective and easy to install. They’re also ideal if you need to keep a door open for extended periods. Basic holders can double up as a stopper too but you’ll need to attach a mounting plate and magnet. Magnetic holders are good for cabinets; however, for main or heavy doors, a stronger holder may be required. A hook holder can be fairly good too, but again, it doesn’t work for every door. Pneumatic stoppers are ideal at keeping the door open in one position.

Conceal or Accessorize Them

Door stoppers are versatile but they’re fairly easy to hide. If you want to conceal the stopper you could use round rubber-tipped stoppers which can be installed behind the door on the floor, skirting board, or wall. What’s more, stoppers are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Options include round, square, half-moons, wall-mounted plunger, and magnetic, and more. The best thing is that you can make them a simple accessory in your home and they’re easy to conceal too.

Wedges or Door Stops

A lot of people favor door wedges to door stops as they’re cheap and portable; unfortunately, they don’t work on all floor types. Even with carpeted floor, if it gets wedged in too much, it’s very difficult to remove. You have to think carefully over which you buy. A door stop isn’t too difficult to install and wedges are useful as a temporary solution.

Choosing the right wedge or door stop comes down to the door you want to use it on. Pantry doors may require a different door stop than the front door. You have to explore the options and find the best that suits your home.

Dog Door Stopper, Decorative
Dog Door Stopper, Decorative

Decorative Items

Door stoppers can be a fantastic, decorative piece. You can buy ones that match up to your interior and ensure they don’t stand out for the wrong reasons. There are many to choose from and you can match the door stopper with your fittings. It’s easier than ever to incorporate stoppers in your home.

There are many different types of door stoppers to choose from. The best for your home depends on how often it’ll be used and the type of door it’ll be used with. If you want discretion there are many invisible or hard-to-notice options available. It’s easier than ever to find stoppers at home supply stores and online. Find the best decorative door stopper and keep your family safe.

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