About Us

About Us

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About Us

DoorLocKit has been researching and reviewing the security industry since 2019. So whether you’re trying to secure your home and personal information or build a smart home, DoorLocKit is where you can find the right solution for you and take action.

Our mission

Our team of experts at DoorLocKit is a bright bunch full of sensible security solutions. For over a decade, people have trusted us for security and smart home advice, and we don’t take that lightly.

In our experience, not everyone’s situation is the same—maybe you live in an apartment, travel a lot, or have a tight budget—and our reviews reflect that. How? We test products, conduct exhaustive research, and discuss what we find (it can get fiery). Then we create resources and reviews that make it easy for you to understand your options and make security or smart home purchase you’ll be happy with.

Topics We Are Covering

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