Outdoor Gate Locking Mechanisms – How Best To Lock A Gate

Outdoor Gate Locking Mechanisms – How Best To Lock A Gate

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Outdoor gate locks keyless are highly sought after. Home security starts at the perimeter of the property, i.e. your outdoor gates. Residential gates can be secured in a variety of ways and finding the right method is essential. One of the best things about outdoor locks is that there are many types of locks to consider, including smart locks, mechanical keyless locks, standard locks, and electronic locks, and much more in-between.

So, what do you need to know about outdoor keyless locks for gates and what’s the best for your home?

Choosing the Best for Wooden Gates

A lot of homes have wooden gates and they require specific locks. As such, an outdoor gate keypad lock mightn’t be suited for wooden structures (this is your choice, of course). So, what’s best for locking wooden gates?

  • Mortice Deadlock: These are considered to be amongst the very best for wooden gates. They’re immensely secure and work from both sides with a key.
  • A Rim Lock: These are the standard locks found on wooden gates, but are fairly secure. When these locks start to become loose, upgrade them to ensure safety.
  • A Staple Lock: These locks are strong and can be made even securer with a padlock attached to it. It’s also a great way to keep people out of your garden.
  • Long Throw Gate Locks: These can be operated from both sides of the gate and is one of the strongest types of locks available.

The right locks need to be found so know your options.

Smart Locks for Gates

Choosing a smart lock for outdoor gate can be a great solution for locking and securing your outside gate. They are keyless and so offer some of the best technology available. Smart locks can offer touch screen technology and these keyless gates can also offer anti-peep technology. They’re wireless and water-resistant too. Many of these locks offer a variety of safety and security features, including fingerprint ID.

That’s impressive and if you do choose these gates, only your finger can open them, so that’s added protection. Keyless gates can even allow for a backup key (hidden, of course) so if it’s ever required, it’s available. Some even come with three different locking modes to suit your household needs. Smart locks are ideal for residential properties.

Electronic Keyless Gate Lock

An electronic keyless gate lock can be a popular method to lock and secure a gate. They are considered to be one of the best gate lock options available. An outdoor keyless gate lock is really impressive too; however, there are many varieties of the keyless gate locks available. They’re ideal for both communal properties and single-family dwellings.

While a keyless lock is a little more expensive than standard locks, they’re able to support more than one code. For example, if you use an electronic gate lock that requires a key card to enter, several can be issued for that one gate. It means every member of the family can have a card of their own.

If you were to use a gate keypad lock variety, a code needs to be typed in; however, this code is given to the family. In a condominium, a code can be issued for each apartment. Even though they’re different codes, they still lock and open the gate. The keyless gate can protect an entire back garden area or pool area. Keyless makes a big difference and they’re cost-effective too.

What’s The Best Lock Brand?

Gate locks can vary considerably, but buying the best is essential. It doesn’t matter if you want to invest in an outdoor gate lock keyless or a standard gate lock, the best is needed. Here are a few of the top brands available of gate locks available.

  • Asec
  • Banham
  • Evva
  • Yale
  • Union
  • Abloy

Locks will vary so ensure you buy the best one for your property. A keyless gate lock can be useful and will be the ideal solution for many properties; however, it mightn’t be suited for every household. Key code systems are often used in communal areas with condos and apartment blocks, but some won’t like the idea of having a lock box visible to others or want to deal with user codes. It’s the same with standard locks; they won’t be suited or work for every home.

Securing an Outside Gate

Gate locks can be strong, sturdy, and long-lasting; however, you need the right lock. It doesn’t matter if you have a six-foot wooden fence and wooden gate or a chain-link fence and standard up and over bolt, having the right lock is crucial. So, how to secure the outside gate? Outdoors locks will vary depending on the type of gate you have, so the lock will need to match the gate.

If you have a wooden gate and fence, you may want to use a standard lock and bolt. However, you can also go one step further here and fit a padlock and deadbolt for extra security. Wooden outdoor gates can be effectively secured this way.

For a chain-link fence and gate, a keyless lock system might be more suited. This will enable you to unlock the gate lock with a key card. However, a keypad could also be installed for extra security. To operate this gate lock, you’d need to type in a code to unlock the gate. Most access codes are easy to remember and often tough to crack.

However, whether you’re securing a side gate or an access gate, you have to ensure the fence is secured around the property. Also, it’s important to ensure the fence and gates are the same height. For example, if you have a six-foot fence, you should also have a six-foot high gate. This not only offers privacy but helps to improve security. Choose locks carefully and there are plenty of inexpensive but durable gate locks available. Just remember to install them properly.

What’s The Best Keyless Entry Door Lock?

Keyless locks are great because they offer quality and security for all households. So, which are the best?

  • SimpliSafe Smart Lock
  • SoHoMill Electronic Door Knob
  • August Smart Lock
  • Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

These are a select few of the best door locks available, but there are many more to choose from. When you want to select the best locks, it comes down to what specific requirements you need to fulfill. You may want a combination lock or a standard house key entry system. Then again, you may prefer code locks. The point is that you have to think about what you like and what’s best for your property’s security, i.e. keeping burglars out and your children’s safety outdoors.

How Do Keyless Entry Door Locks Work?

Outdoor keyless gate locks have a smart lock entry system where a key fob or key card contains an electronic transmitter. When the card gets within a specific range of the gate lock, it’ll send a signal to the gate system and unlock the gate. Each key card triggers an electric impulse in the card reader or keypad system; that then sends the signal to the sensor and will unlock the gate.

It’s a very simple system, but one which has become very popular for homes that want more privacy and security in their back yard. Keyless entry is very popular for those who want a simple security system and don’t want to worry about carrying lots of keys around.

Is A Keyless Gate Lock Secure?

Keyless entry locks are incredibly safe to use. They offer a smart system and are easy to install as well. A keyless gate can be a great addition to any home because they’re secure – if – they’re installed correctly. If you aren’t sure how to install the keyless locks then it might be wise to hire a professional to install the gate and locks.

It’s important to understand that unwanted guests and burglars look for easy entry points onto your property. A keyless gate lock might prevent them from getting in or at least, slow them down considerably. While a keyless lock will improve security, it may not prevent a burglar from getting in. Unfortunately, that means you have to be extra careful at all times.

Remember to never leave any door or window unlocked, even when you’re home. You don’t know the lengths some people will go to and many burglars won’t be afraid to enter the home while you’re there. Using keyless locks might help deter unwanted guests from coming onto your property and they’re very secure too.

Can A Keyless Door Lock Be Hacked and What about Other Smart Door Locks?

Unfortunately, it is possible for keyless locks to be hacked. However, this will depend on the type of door lock chosen. Some are considerably tougher to hack than others. Also, it depends on how skilled the burglar is. Keyless door locks are secure and very safe to use in the home, but again, it depends on their quality and level of protection provided.

When it comes to digital or smart door locks, they’re very much the same as keyless locks. They can be very safe to use but they could also be hacked by a trained hacker. So while the keyless locks have some wonderful advantages, they also have a few disadvantages.

Which is the best for keyless gate locks? You have options such as:

  • ESP
  • Schlage Z-Wave Keyless Door Lock
  • Kwikset 909 Smartcode Keyless Door Lock
  • August Smart Lock Keyless Door

Choose carefully and ensure they’re the right ones for your home.

How to Use a Gate Lock without a Key?

Locking a gate from the outside – without a key – is easy to do. A lot of people get confused over smart or keyless gate locks, but they’re actually very easy to use. The outdoor gate locks keyless systems just need to be clicked or closed shut. For instance, you unlock the gate, walk through and close it again; that should be it locked. You don’t need a key to lock the gate. There’s really no trick to it.

If you have a padlock to secure the gate, you will attach it and the gate will be secured. Outdoor gates, especially digital ones, look confusing and do confuse a lot of people. However, most outdoor gates are simple to use and very versatile. It’s the same with a gate lock with code. You use the keypad to type in the code and it unlocks it. When you want to lock the gate, you have two options, depending on how the system is set up. You can either type in another code to secure the gate or just click it shut and that’s it locked.

Keyless entry locks are secure and are a great addition to any home.

The Future Lies With Outdoor Keyless Technology

Keyless gate locks have become vastly popular and continue to grow in popularity. The main reason is down to the convenience of the locks and how much-added protection is given. Everyone wants smart technology and keyless locks are a part of that. They are not only versatile but vastly varied. Choosing the right locks is crucial because that is the first line of defense for your home. Choose the right outdoor keyless locks and stay safe.

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