How to Install and Troubleshoot a Magnetic Door Lock

How to Install and Troubleshoot a Magnetic Door Lock

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Magnetic locks for doors have become vastly popular in recent times. It seems more are searching for a sliding magnetic lock to keep their home safe and secure. Everyone wants to protect their homes and families. One of the most useful ways to do so would be to install new door locks and keyless locks are a particular favorite of many.

A magnetic door lock looks smart and enhances the security of a home, not to mention, is completely keyless. One of the best features of the magnetic door is that it uses a magnetic field. The locks not only improve security but enables homeowners to feel safer. A magnet lock is interesting and very much a modern feature.

So, how to install a magnetic door lock and what to do if you have trouble with one?

What is a Mag Lock and How Do Magnetic Door Locks Work?

Mag locks use an electromagnetic force to create a tight lock and prevent the door from being unlocked and opened easily. A glass door magnetic lock can help secure the home and make it safer. The lock creates a magnetic field when connected to a power source and an armature plate is formed.

They can be used on any exterior door and are easy to install and use. The maglock door works with smart technology and magnets. The magnet locks are installed on to the frame of the door and the magnetic side is placed on the door’s edge. When they come into contact with one another, they’re active. The door can be locked and unlocked with a keypad code or card.  The electromagnetic door lock is popular today because it’s strong and versatile.

Where Should They Be Used?

The magnetic lock is designed to fit exterior doors. While it’s possible to use the magnetic locks on an interior door, for safety, they’re best suited to main doorways, like patio doors. This is, of course, your choice, but really, a sliding door magnetic lock is best for a patio door. Again, it comes down to personal preferences. Its unlikely magnetic locks are necessary for bedroom doors in a standard family home.

It might be wise to invest in magnet locks that have good reviews. For instance, if you wanted a lock for a garage door, asec garage door lock reviews might be worth checking out first. It’s something to consider, nonetheless.

How To Install Magnetic Door Locks?

Installing a glass door magnetic lock is incredibly easy to do. This shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes at best; however, it will depend on the type of magnetic door lock kit you’ve chosen. So, first things first, shut off your electricity supply during the magnetic door lock installation process. This is essential for safety since you’re going to be running wires into the power source.

The lock needs to be connected to a power source so you’ll have to run wires from the lock to your power source. However, you need a permanent power source so that the door remains closed. If the power goes out, the door won’t operate and won’t be secured. The wires can be run through the wall to the actual power source. If you aren’t sure how to do this or aren’t happy to do this yourself, contact a professional electrician to handle this part. Also, the magnetic door lock system can be connected via a wall outlet, if needs be.

The mag lock will be secured into the door with screws, so you’ll need to drill holes into the door frame and the wall. Next, the lock must be positioned on the inside of the door. So, look at the kit and locate the sticking sheets (all mag locks come with these). One of these sheets should be attached to the magnetic lock and the other to the door frame. Sticking sheets come with instructions and you should follow them closely so they are positioned correctly.

Once that’s done, attach the strike plate. To do this, a barrel nut or strong bolt is required. Place the bolt onto the strike plate and tighten. If the magnet locks aren’t secured properly, the mag lock system won’t operate as it should and the doors won’t open freely. So, ensure the magnet is attached securely with screws or bolts.

Link the lock to the electrical system. Safety procedures should be followed closely. (As said above, shut the electricity supply off until the installation has been completed.) However, an electrician may be required for this part. If you aren’t a trained professional, it might be dangerous to connect the mag lock system to an electrical outlet.

Testing the Magnetic Lock after Installation

Magnetic locks for home care can be great. They are useful; however magnetic door locks must be installed correctly for them to be effective. It’s essential to test the new door system out to ensure everything is working as it should. If there are any issues or problems the door won’t open and may need some tweaking.

If you’ve followed all installation instructions, the magnetic door lock system should work fine. However, some alterations may be required for the door locks to work sufficiently. It’s not too difficult to solve the majority of the problems. Once they’ve been fixed, the lock should work; and the door magnetic look can be very pleasing on the eye too.

Electromagnetic locks are useful. The electromagnetic lock can ensure you feel safer. A magnetic door is designed with security in mind and the electromagnetic armature offers great protection. You don’t always get that with standard door locks. However, a fail-safe might be required should a total power failure occur. Without a fail-safe in place, you have to wait for the power to return before the magnetic door lock operates again and that presents a problem. In these instances, a backup key might be required.

Troubleshooting Tips

A magnetic door is often used as a baby care home system too. They can be the best child proof sliding door lock – but only when they’re installed right. While the magnetic door locks can be versatile and affordable, you may run into a few teething problems. For example, the door fails to open. In most cases, the cause is a power failure and once power is restored, the door operates as normal. However, this mightn’t be the root cause of the problem.

It’s essential to know and understand how to fix the electromagnetic lock should they go wrong.

  • Maintenance

Electromagnetic locks are great but can malfunction. More often than not, malfunctions occur when the locks are neglected and not maintained well. While you might think it’s unnecessary to maintain magnetic door locks, it’s actually very important. If the latch isn’t working, it might’ve been exposed to the elements. While the electromagnetic locks are versatile, poor maintenance will impact their durability. So, has the electromagnetic lock become rusted? Are the signs of damp in or around the door? Has the magnetic door lock been damaged?

If these problems are found, you need to take action. Also, you need to regularly clean and maintain the magnetic door system.

  • Realigning

The electromagnetic lock might not be positioned right and requires realignment. The electric striker may also need to be aligned. Realignment of the door locks takes very little time. If the door lock is realigned correctly, the lock should work once again.

  • Replacing The Door

If the door shows signs of damage, (whether to the frame or lock,) it needs to be replaced. While the door may still function, the lock mightn’t work as it’s supposed to. If the magnetic locks become a bit stop-start, the entire door should be replaced and any locks too. However, replacing the door and locks are easy to, even if they’re magnetic locks.

You can either install the magnetic lock yourself or call a professional. Most magnetic locks are easy to replace if you’ve done it before. If the door or magnetic lock has been poorly fitted, it needs to be replaced as well. The magnetic lock should run smoothly again once replaced.

  • Replace Damaged Wires

If the doors are fine but the magnetic lock won’t work, there may be a problem with the actual magnetic field. So, look to see if there are any frayed wires between the lock and the power source. Have the wires been cut? If so, they need to be fully replaced for the lock to become functioning again.

However, it would be wise to look at using thicker cables to avoid future damage to wires.

Perform a Regular Door Inspection

While magnetic door locks work perfectly the majority of the time, problems can arise. In most instances, the problems are fairly minor and can often be avoided with a routine door inspection. Regular inspections of the lock and door can be important because if there are any defects or issues, they can be found quickly and repaired.

Are Magnetic Door Locks Secure?

Magnetic locks are ideal for households worldwide as they offer great security. The sliding door magnetic lock is vastly popular for families from all walks of life and people want the best. If the locks have been installed properly, then they can be safe for the home. The best pocket door lock can be as safe as any standard lock – as long as it has been installed and maintained correctly. Some magnetic locks can even withstand six hundred pounds of force which is fantastic for safety and security.

Unlocking the magnetic door locks can be done with a buzzer to switch off the magnetic force, a keypad, card, or a biometric scanner. Some doors also work with smart apps, but that depends on the specific lock type. Of course, there may be a few disadvantages to the locks so you have to decide what’s best for your home.

Staying Safe

Maglocks are incredibly popular and a smart choice for any household. A magnetic lock uses a magnetic force and it’s strong. You can feel safer using one of these locks, but of course, the choice is yours. Remember, locks have to be strong to secure a door and leave you feeling safe. Magnetic door locks can offer that and much more, so why not consider them?

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