Recommended Ways to Build a Strong Gate and Fence

Recommended Ways to Build a Strong Gate and Fence

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Strong gate and fence help protect a property. Unfortunately, these are easily damaged and weather-worn. For many homeowners, the prospect of building a new gate or fence is daunting but it’s a lot easier than it sounds. And, there are many simple ways to build a fence that’s stronger and a gate that’s sag-free and reliable. If you build them well, they can last a lifetime.

Why Do Gates and Fences Fail?

Fences can be made from poor-quality materials; as a result, they chip and breakaway piece by piece. Gates tend to sag because their frame is unstable. The reality is that if the gate isn’t braced properly or doesn’t have enough tension it’ll sag. It doesn’t help if the gate or fence is poorly constructed either. Fortunately, there are ways to build a stronger, more reliable fence and gate. So, how to build stronger fences and gates, and what home security tips do you need to know?

Use Quality Materials

Whether you’re building a wooden, chain-link, or steel fence, quality materials should always be used. It’s the same for gates. For instance, you want to construct a matching wooden gate and fence. Instead of using cheap veneer, use oak or another high-quality wood to complete the fence; it’ll bring a superior finish. Remember, quality materials build quality fences or gates. You should always opt for a higher-quality wood and that goes for any material you’re working with.

It’s the same theory over hardware. While you might be tempted to recycle locks, bolts, and screws, it isn’t the best solution. These can rust or wear away so it may be best to use newer ones instead. You could also look at the compression or tension building solution. The tension solution utilizes a cable to prevent a sagging gate frame whereas the compression solution opts for a brace building system.

Add an Outdoor Gate Locks Keyless Feature for Added Protection

While a keyless gate lock can’t technically build a stronger fence, it’ll help add more security to your gate. When you read home security tips online they’ll always mention keyless locks. Outdoor gate locks keyless features are ideal for many households. They can be more practical if you want more security or privacy. Of course, they tend to be more suited for a home with larger outdoor areas but can work for any household.

Keyless locks work with a key fob instead of the traditional bolt action mechanism. You decide who has access to the property. While a lot of people dislike the idea of using keyless locks, they can be a smart solution to consider.

Ensure the Gate or Fence-Type is Suitable for your Property

You can use the best router table and tools: But building a strong fence and gate comes down to what’s suitable for your property. For instance, you have four-foot-high shrubbery bushes lining your property at the back. You build a six-foot fence. Unfortunately, that’s going to look out-of-place and doesn’t go with your style of property. Instead, you may want to opt for a fence just over four feet in height so that it matches the rest of the outdoor space. And, a simple up and over or bolt lock would be more appropriate.

If you were building a fence, you should consider what’s in keeping with the property. For example, a five-foot chain-link fence might be useful for busy residential areas. It should keep younger children in the yard without totally blocking the view of the neighbor’s property. On the other hand, if you wanted more privacy or lived in a secluded spot, a six-foot wooden fence might be better. This would keep pets within the property and make it tougher for any unwanted guests to gain entry.

Use the Best Woodworking Tools

You want to build a strong fence and gate and the best way to do so would be to use the best woodworking tools. For instance, a router and router table can make simple tasks easier. A router can make cleaner and precise cuts. And, can tackle curved edges. A router can be ideal for all types of wood, even thinner pieces, but the finish can be spot on. The Bosch 1617EVSPK router is one of the more impressive woodworking tools to have when building a fence and gate.

It comes with a powerful 2.25 horsepower motor and makes it simpler to handle even the toughest of tasks. The Bosch 1617EVSPK is easy to adjust and can be attached to the best router table too. This is versatile and lightweight but extremely durable.

Prepare To Build

You must consider how you approach the project. For instance, using a router to do most of the woodwork can be a smart idea and really quicken the pace of the project. Unfortunately, if there are no plans, it could take twice as long to complete. It’s essential to have a set of plans so that you know what sizes to cut and how the fence or gate is going to come together. Even if you just have a few rough sketches, that’ll help in the long run.

Top Home Security Tips to Keep Your Property Safe

  • For added security, build a 6-foot high fence
  • Use outdoor gate locks keyless features
  • Use ground bolts and up and over locks for wide or double gates
  • Maintain the fence and gate areas
  • Inspect the fence and gate – including hardware – for damage or other problems
  • Repair or replace any damaged elements

Despite all your efforts, a strong fence and gate won’t keep all unwanted guests out of your property. Fortunately, you can add further security to your property in the form of security cameras and alarms. However, gates and fences can sometimes deter unwanted visitors so it’s essential to build them strong to keep people out.

Keeping Your Property Safe

People dismiss fences and gates as they think they don’t offer much protection or security of the home. That’s not entirely true, however. A strong fence and gate can deter burglars and unwelcomed visitors, as well as keep your pets and young child safe inside. Building a strong fence and gate can be a smart move for any household.

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